I loved hanging out with this family and I am excited to share some of their pictures. Dad is a musician and I think Jack is quickly following in his footsteps. After some fun in the back yard, we headed to the basement for a little jam session. In case you are wondering, Jack actually sounds great on the drums!!

IMG_4543_1 IMG_4568_1 IMG_4578_1 IMG_4585_1bw IMG_4624_1 IMG_4637_1 IMG_4660_1 IMG_4670_1bw IMG_4689_1 IMG_4692_1 IMG_4696_1bw

This face, I just love it! IMG_4700_1 IMG_4719_1 IMG_4730_1bw
In July my kids and I were invited to join the Jacob/Kunnen family in Lakeside, OH. This fun filled weekend included lots of time on the playground, driving around town in a golf cart,and some dancing in the front yard. IMG_5637_1 IMG_5639_1 IMG_5640_1 IMG_5645_1 IMG_5650_1 IMG_5658_1 IMG_5665_1 IMG_5667 IMG_5670_1 IMG_5684_1 IMG_5691_1 IMG_5701_1 IMG_5705_1 IMG_5707_1 IMG_5710_1 IMG_5713_1 IMG_5719_1 IMG_5729_1 IMG_5736_1 IMG_5747_1bw IMG_5769 IMG_5598_1 IMG_5604_1
I love that I get to photograph Holden frequently. One, because I love his mom and dad. Two, because I got to witness and photograph his birth. Three, he is the most laid back and happy baby there ever was! Four, he is very handsome. He makes my job so easy. IMG_5310_1bw_web IMG_5302_1_web IMG_5316_1_web IMG_5328_1_web IMG_5334_1_web IMG_5354_1_web IMG_5367_1_web IMG_5375_1_web IMG_5377_1_web IMG_5384_1bw_web IMG_5392_1_web IMG_5394_1_web IMG_5412_1bw_web IMG_5425_1bw_web IMG_5427_1_web IMG_5439_1_web IMG_5447_1_web IMG_5450_1_web IMG_5477_1_web IMG_5481_1bw_web IMG_5538_1_web